Sourcing and Process

We are a Colombian team, located in Bogotá. Our factory is located in Bogotá and currently employs 3 amazing women.

About our factory:

We comply with the national sanitary standards mandatory by INVIMA (the FDA of Colombia). Our factory is registered in the INVIMA database with the number 9009853740-1.

Colombia is a country with one of the highest standards for the food chain procurement, foods are a main industry in our economy and we take it very seriously. Colombia it´s very well known for our coffee and bananas, being one of the biggest exporters of this foods in the world. 

Our "umbrella" company is registered in Colombia with the name: Fitness Food S.A.S. which owns 100% of Nuttri LLC (US Based Company) and also owns the factory, formulations and brands.

Here are pictures of some of our equipment for the production:

We have a powder mixer for small batches that allow us to guarantee in the most reliable way the amount of nutrients and ingredients you are receiving per serving. ¿Have you noticed in other powders, that sometimes the taste or consistency varies? It could be perhaps, because of the density of some ingredients that end in the bottom of the mixer when doing big batches. You won´t have that problem with us. 

Also, we understand that our "Complete Bars" are still not super popular, but this is our main product at the moment for our Colombian brand. The machine you see in the picture comes from Germany and can produce up to 3 million bars per year, we love it.

In case you are wondering about our production team, here is a recent picture:

Jhojana, Diana and Lizeth, taking a picture with Jose at the moment we were shipping our first big export to Costa Rica in 2022 (30.000 bars). That was a very happy moment . If you are in Costa Rica, you can buy them here

Our production team has been growing through the years, first was Diana in 2019 when we started our factory, then Jhojana and then Lizeth. They come from the bakery industry and work sincronized as a great team. You might notice that Diana is expecting, it´s gonna be the first baby in the company, more good news to come.

Even tho we are in Bogotá and our factory is not yet directly supervised by the FDA (INVIMA does the supervision in compliance with Colombia-USA Free Trade Agreement), each shipment must comply with the FDA requirements, so that´s why you will receive with your package a copy of the FDA Prior Notice of Imported Goods where we as a registered factory in the FDA system certify and get the permission to send you Nuttri. Here is an example from a recent PNC:

About our sourcing:

Another popular request is to open up our sourcing in detail, to tell you where our ingredients come from, we are happy to share it with you.

Colombia has an amazing relationship with a lot of countries and with certainty we can find the best ingredients available in the global market. Even tho we manufacture our powders in Colombia, almost half of the ingredients come from around the world.

Here our list of ingredients, manufacturer, certifications and country of origin:

We take very seriously about which providers to work with, just the ones with the best reputation and technology are selected so we guarantee you the amount of nutrients per serving that you receive. For example, we understand that Lantmännen from Sweden is continously improving its production process for the Oat Protein (they improve at a fast pace), that´s why we are constantly in conversations with them to keep us updated with the uncomming changes. In the meanwhile, we regularly ask for updated Certificates of Analysis for their aminoacids profile (which we consider as a priority when chosing the protein source). Here is the latest:

Every batch of raw material we receive in our factory complies with the mandatory inocuity current regulation and comes with a Certificate of Analysis like the one here (oat protein):

 We make sure you are receiving the best ingredients and that them were handled in the best possible way to guarantee the quality of our products. 

In case you wonder how this ingredients come, here are some pictures of Dextrose and Maltodextrin.

Hope you find value in this information and you decide to give us a try. In case you want us to include something else in this page, please write us!