Nutrition & Ingredients

Nuttri is a nutritionally complete food brand that intents to promote better eating habits in our regular diet. We use a science based approach which evolves according to the development of nutrition as a discipline of science.

Principaly, we follow evidence based guidelines from U.S. Department of Agriculture and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for what humans should eat daily and how we should base our diet.

And secondly, we follow meta-analysis and studies endorsed by entities like Tufts University (USA) or Weizmann Insitute (Israel).

USDA Guidelines 

Current Dietary Guidelines (2020-2025) from USDA suggest the following:

1. Focus on meeting food group needs with nutrient-dense foods and beverages, and stay within calorie limits.

2. Limit foods and beverages higher in added sugars, saturated fat, and sodium.

For this standards, we have followed in detail the amounts suggested per each nutrient, complying with the requirements to a healthy diet.

NUTTRI V2.0. Meals

Powder Meals nutrients are distributed in a balanced ratio of 39:34:24:4. Which means that 39% of calories comes from Carbohydrates, 34% from Fat, 24% from Protein and 4% from Fiber.

Making the portion of 100g of powder prepared in a 400ml water solution a low glycemic food under 45 score. This categorization is in compliance according to the American Diabetes Association guidelines.

High protein source: Pea and Oat 

Pea protein isolate and Oat protein are the ingredients used. This mix makes a complete count of 20 aminoacids in every serving and at the same time exceeds positively the count of protein daily grams suggested by the USDA.

Low Glycemic Carbohydrates Mix

All carbohydrates are not made the same and do not behave the same in everybodies metabolism. We are using a mix of carbohydrates source that has been heavily tested and present in the general population diet with success. 

The glycemic index we are seeking in all our products is lower than 45, this mean that generally speaking it should fit to most people diets. 

We understand that the GI is a median value that do not apply equally in every human. Nevertheless, it´s safe to say that our GI mix it´s safe to the median of the population. 

High Fiber Meals for a Higher Fiber Diet

 Acording to the US Institute of Medicine, 95% of US Citizens do not get enough fiber in it´s diet. This issue has been pointed by several institutions as a problem to solve in the North American Diet. 

Our products are charged with fiber in a gently manner. Charged because every meal can provide you the exact ammount that is recommended for the calories you are consuming. And gently in the way that if you are not used to fiber in your diet, you almost will not notice it. 

¿Why is fiber important?

1. Your stool gets better.

2. Your diggestion gets easier

The usual downside in fiber it´s that it does not tastes great, we solved this, you will have a great meal without noticing any pasty taste or feeling.

Omegas: 3, 6 & 9, oiling up your health

Fatty Acids (AKA Fats) play a fundamental role in humans body key processes such as metabolism, cell formation and brain well function, among many other roles. 

We have focused on getting enough to be a great amount of this three Omegas, here the details of what are their main functions:

Omega 3: Key structure of every cell wall and help with the prevention of heart diseases.

Omega 6: Key role in brain well function and growth. 

Omega 9: Helps you with Cholesterol Levels, to increase HDL (good) and decrease LDL (bad).

Prebiotics and Probiotic

In Version 2.0 we have included both of these. This was something healivy requested for our consumers and the next obvious step to make our meal offering more complete. 

For the task we worked with MD Octavio Davila (Colombian), that has three decades of experience in the matter, being a key promoter of Probiotics in the Occidental Diet and have seeing how Probiotics Strains studies have evolved in the last decades. 

In this first version of V2.0 Series (AKA The probiotic series) we are including only one Probiotic: Bifidobacterium longum. The election was made according to what is needed the most in the Northamerican Diet in terms of lackness of offering such as: Getting a better inmune sytem and get a better working gut macrobiota.

The amount of Bifidobacterium longum used in our meals is just the one recommended: 1 Billion of UFC per day.

About the Prebiotics, the most commonly accepted one for this specific Probiotic is FOS. So we are using FOS in the optimal amounts so the Probiotics work as expected.

Photo of Dr. Dávila, MD with 30 years of experience in digestive health and pioneer in Probiotics in Colombia. Linkedin Link.

At the moment: 

There are concepts in the nutrition/food industry becoming relevant and popular, once the evidence is conclusive about the benefits of another nutrient we are missing. We will evaluate and include them.

Also, right now we are not working in concepts or ingredients such as called "super foods", "greens", "lectin free".

If there is anything you want to share, please write us: