About Us

Hi, I´m José María, cofounder and the leader of this company (Fitness Food SAS, based in Colombia since 2016) and we are happy to introduce you to our new launch: NUTTRI, nutritionally complete foods.


I´m personally a frustrated complete food user. Living in Colombia makes it super difficult:

1. Local food administration has not being able to regulate the category "complete" so they just banned it. You can´t just find products in the market with this value prop. 

2. Shipping from other brands it´s super expensive, because shipping food across the world it´s difficult.

3. And we believe complete foods lacks diversity (with a few exceptions). We deserve better.

So, In my personal frustration, I have been cooking my own complete meals the last couple years (having a food factory helps a lot), and we are presenting to you, to the international complete food users community a portfolio:

MEALS (Shakes):

Cocoa Chewable Meal: Missing the part of chewing something any other day, and loving the experience of eating at last what taste better, we have developed a Cocoa meal (sweet) with pieces of roasted unsalted almonds and pieces of dark chocolate (70%) that you can enjoy in a 400 calories balanced and nutritionally complete meal. Glycemic Index < 48

Colombian Latte: A drinkable meal with the addition of Colombian coffee, 120mg of caffeine per serving. We specially enjoy this one in the mornings when we have no time to cook breakfast or when it´s 10am and the hunger kicks but it´s not yet the time for lunch. We usually have breakfast in Colombia at 6-7AM, so a mid morning snack it´s something common. Glycemic Index < 45

Colombian Decaf Latte: Last one but without caffeine, just in case you are drinking it in the afternoon or simply do not want the rush of caffeine but enjoy the taste of coffee. Glycemic Index < 45

Matcha Latte: Inspired by Starbucks Matcha Latte, which is awesome but surely has a super high Glycemic Index and does not provide the nutrition. If you have tried this one before and liked it, you will enjoy ours, it´s around 80% the taste. We alternate coffee with matcha sometimes, is has a bit less caffeine (90mg). Glycemic Index < 48


Date based and with a lot of dried fruits, the only "ultraprocessed ingredients" are the vitamin and minerals premix and the vegetable proteins, not artificial sweeteners nor added flavors. Chia seeds, pea protein, rice protein, cranberries, nuts, cocoa are the ingredients you will find.

If you enjoy the traditional trail mix, you will love these bars. We are using almost the same recipe of our best selling energy bars (currently #1 energy bar in Colombia, check them here: www.nuttri.co), we made the originals to be macro-balanced since we launched in 2019, people in Colombia value this balance because of the low glycemic index and high satiety, but the truth it´s that the bars are a hit because the variety of flavors and that taste awesome. If you enjoy complete bars, hope you try ours, really are awesome:

DarkChocolate: If you enjoy dark chocolate with a bit of sweet, THIS ARE THE ONES. Glycemic Index < 40 

Coconut: The latest flavor we developed, best selling bar to date, it taste like coconut candy without the candy part. Includes chia seeds, almonds and others Glycemic Index < 50

DarkChocolate Sea Salt: The same as DarkChocolate but with the addition of sea salt. Glycemic Index < 40 

Blueberries: If you like the berry flavor, you will feel it greatly in this bars. This are the sweetest product in or portfolio. Glycemic Index < 50 


We are launching our portfolio with the option to try all at once for $29, it includes:

1. All powders and bars, one per reference (or two for a few bucks more)

2. Shipping in the US

3. A $20 coupon for your next order

Hope you enjoy them.

Subscriptions and bulk prices available

In each product (except for the trial product) you will find the option to buy in bulk with a discount. Shipping it´s a critical cost in our product, so if you buy several at once, we will be able to offer you a better deal. 

Also, additional to the bulk discount there is the option to have a subscription with 10% discount additional.

i.e. If you buy three powders bags (30 meals each) in subscription, you will be paying $2.18 per meal.

What´s Next?

First, we hope you enjoy what we already have developed. After, we would like to engage with you and develop new products, we already have some in the making that would be great to have your feedback and comments before launching. This includes: Savory meals, more bars, critic-like drinks, granolas and a plant based omelette.

Who is in our team?

Health Professionals: Two MD Maria Jimena and Octavio, guide us in the making of every product. Their experience and current mix of development areas: kids, probiotics, nutraceuticals and athletes give us a great perspective. 

E-commerce Experts: Camilo and Daniel, both cofounders, have led a successful company that sells in more than 130 countries (www.threfrenchie.co). Their experience has been critical to the success of nuttri.co and the making of nuttri.us, managing a company that cross borders with every order it´s a complex operation that requires the correct experience.

Food inventor: myself, José María. I have a BA degree but has been working in the food industry since 2011. From 2011 to 2015 cofounded and colead a corn/cassava/cacao/dairy derivatives importer in Colombia which did very well until it was economic unviable in 2014, oil prices affected directly corn prices and made our import operation get crushed. So we got out of business in months. Now I dedicate to invent foods.

Factory Team: Diana, Jhojana and Lizeth. The heart of the company, everything it´s possible because of them. Diana has been since the prelaunch of our factory in 2018 and had helped us to grow with her past experience. 

About the development of Nuttri:

In my past experience (2011-2015) I have had the opportunity to make business with companies from 9 countries and 3 continents, all producers and processors of the raw materials we imported at the moment, I was fortunate to spend countless hours in food labs from Brazil to the US and somehow China (remotely), people that really loved what they were doing and got a very deep relationship with one or just a couple crops. And at the same time, we were selling this ingredients to "brands" mainly in the candy and cake segment of the Colombian food industry, so also had a bunch of time invested in our "clients" factories.

Working with brands show me how critical is the need to develop something with adherence in the consumer, brands could invent super cool stuff but without a plan/design to make it regularly eatable, there was not an effective innovation and the experiment lacked of consumer value. 

This experience it´s a valuable part of Nuttri.

We would like to offer more tech-based foods, we see that feeding humans has a lot of friction and should be simplified; but at the same time we have a lot of cultural values that can´t just simply forget, our brain won´t like it.

When I got interested in Complete Food back in the 2016, it was great to find it and see that I was not the only one wanting to simplify my daily eating, but honestly, I thought that it was not going to last, the adherence needed was huge.... To our surprise you have done it, Completers community it´s a great expression of human support and vision. And if you allow me, I would like to be called a Completer like you all, just one that eats but also invents foods for fellow Completers that enjoy this step in the food industry. We´ll see were this goes, we really hope you enjoy the matcha the coffee and the bars, or even if you don´t, please let us now. 

If you have any question or suggestion. Please feel free to write, I´ll do my best.

Have a great day!

José M.